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A quick testimonial – Adam Brown / Tennessee School of Beauty

“My  name is Adam Brown and I am a 4th generation Cosmetology School owner. Our school basically had a monopoly in the city of Knoxville until 4 corporate schools moved into the area about 3 years ago.  When they came in, I knew we would have to do things a little differently than we had done in previous years, especially in terms of marketing.  After researching and interviewing many marketing/public relations firm, I realized that Zane Hagy would owned the perfect firm to keep us as the leader in the market.

Zane made me look at things differently than I had before. I went from spending more than $100,000 on radio ads to updating our web and internet presence (all for much less than we were spending on radio).  In addition to updating our logo and catalog, he also suggested we spend money doing events—a great and successful idea.  Then he suggested we spend our energies going out in the public and doing tons of free services for various charities—-again, very successful and great for name recognition and p.r..  Then he suggested we doing a video campaign with lots of testimonials (TSB4me).  I am pleased to say that by consistently changing up what we were doing and moving on to the next big thing, we have been able to increase our enrollment and stay at the top of the market.

Zane works with my ideas and always listens, but he also knows that I have 100% confidence that his marketing ideas will work.  I guess one of my strengths is letting the experts do what they do best while I focus on running my school.  My advice for anyone considering using Zane for their school or salon is to do two things: 1) hire them, and 2) listen to them. It’s very difficult sometimes to get away from what just worked, but because we’ve been willing to keep changing things up, we’ve been able to remain fresh in the public’s eye.”

Adam Brown, President
“Where Future Salon Owners are Born”

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