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Don’t stagnate in your comfort zone

Don’t stand still. We stop growing when we stop moving. We stop experiencing new things when we stop moving. Standing still means recycling what we’ve already done and what we already know. This only works so long, then the rewards diminish.

It’s hard to move outside the comfort zone, and it’s easy to come up with 1000 reasons to stay in one. Basically, regardless of how the reasons are phrased, they all boil down to one thing. Nobody dies a quick death or experiences intense pain in a comfort zone. However, nobody experiences dramatic growth or euphoria in a comfort zone either.

I found myself breaking new ground recently, then going back to an area not of ‘comfort’ but of known outcomes. It’s the same thing.

If you find yourself standing still in a place you shouldn’t be, maybe it’s time to light the bridge on fire directly behind you. Force yourself forward, or find that you can experience intense pain in your comfort zone as you burn.

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