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Giving someone a job title doesn’t magically give them a skill set to match

I own a full-service marketing/PR/advertising/web/creative agency, but my biggest role in the professional world is that of business consultant. Regardless of why someone seeks me out, it takes a few days/weeks to find the true needs that need to be addressed.

The one thing that is a constant lately, is that I keep finding myself wondering how the fuck people wind up in the jobs that they’re in.

When you’re filling roles within your company, remember that a job title doesn’t magically bestow upon someone a set of skills. Regardless of how well intentioned someone is, sometimes they simply can’t fucking do the job…and they’re doing more harm than good, although they may be trying as hard as they can.

Hire the right people. Promote the right people. If you have the wrong people, let them go and make corrections…you owe it to the rest of your employees.

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