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Make a Decision

From information gathered from searching the internet (not always the safest way to gather trustworthy data quickly, but suitable for this purpose), it appears that adults make about 35,000 daily decisions.
35,000 decisions. Water vs tea, tap water or Pellegrino, lemon or no lemon, straw or no straw…just ordering a drink with lunch could be overwhelming if you think about it. As bad as ordering water is, don’t even think about what you go through trying to order a coffee at Starbucks.
One of the common threads I’ve found amongst the top salons I’ve worked with is that their leaders are willing to make decisions and live with the consequences. Sometimes things work out, sometimes they don’t, but if you aren’t willing to make decisions you’ll spend your life at the lunch table and never get your glass of water.
Whether you’re a stylist, a salon owner, or own your own salon suite, you are faced with 35,000 daily decisions. Don’t be shy. Make decisions, give your opinion, forge your road ahead. Remember that all the ‘failures’ that come from making decisions are simply steps towards success.

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