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Never first to market, just the best when I get there

This blogging thing isn’t new. It’s so far from new, it’s not even a topic of discussion any longer.

Yesterday, I found myself explaining to TWO clients what a BLOG was…which made me think. I have interests in several companies, and one of my key strategies is to never be first to market. My strategy is to learn and wait, watch and listen, and then provide the best possible solutions.

This brings me back to the fact that blogging isn’t new. I’ve worked on 100s of client blogs, I’ve worked to bury 100s of blog articles that clients found inappropriate or misleading (or truthful, but not good for business). I’ve learned that any opinion is polarizing. I’ve decided it’s time to start a blog about the public relations and advertising business. I know enough to get it right, piss some people off, and learn some new things.

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