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How would someone reach you with an advertising message?

You may not be the demographic you need to reach for your business, but humor me for just a moment. How would someone reach you with an advertising message? In less than 2 hours, advertisers tried reaching me in the following ways (and many more ways, these are just the ones that I actually noticed).

  • Facebook ads
  • Facebook promoted posts
  • Facebook business page
  • Promoted Twitter post
  • Ads on Drudge Report
  • Sponsored Instagram post
  • Google/Bing/Yahoo adwords
  • Electronic newsletters via email
  • Ads on Yelp while looking for a coffee shop
  • Ads blocking the computer screen on local news sites
  • Video that loads while waiting for a YouTube video that a client asked me to watch
  • Pictures hanging in business windows and at every corner of the coffee shop and counter
  • A couple postcards sitting around from recent mail
  • Ads on my phone via my digital music application
  • Billboards as I drive along
  • Print ads in the local newspaper
  • Print ads in the Wall Street Journal
  • Television ads on local news
  • Television ads on cable news
  • Magazine advertisements
  • Radio ads on Sirius/XM
  • SMS pushed to my phone
  • Word-of-mouth

This post is about providing the answer, it’s just to spur thought. I know several business owners that work countless hours, 7 days/week, and they often wonder why people don’t know about the products/services/events that they’re working so hard to promote.

You can’t just post something to Facebook or buy and ad. Having 1000s of Twitter followers doesn’t mean you can influence action.

Again, you may not be your own demographic, but think through the process. How would someone actually reach you? Do you even notice Google ads? Do you remember any of the ads in the last magazine you read? When did you even last read a magazine? Realize how hard it would be to influence you to do something before you start committing funds to influencing others. And before you invest in advertising, invest in a proper communications plan so that you have a strategy and cohesive message proper for each way you reach folks (more on that at a later time).