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Work Your Ass Off When Nobody’s Looking

I’m constantly told by others how easy my line of work is for me. Clients and colleagues reference the fact that this all comes so easily to me, that I just fly by the seat of my pants and inherently know what to say and do. The kind ones refer to me as an idiot savant, the descriptions go downhill from there. I have several clients that are the same way, during a meeting they appear to there for fun instead of work…yet they know the answer to every question and have researched every angle of the discussion at-hand.

What people don’t see is the fact that behind every hour of appearing to have superhuman talents and knowledge, there are countless hours of work and dedication. I’m not more talented or smarter than anyone else in the room, and I’m certainly not a savant (the ‘idiot’ moniker, however, is likely applicable).

Making it all look easy is simply the hardest thing you’ll ever do. But it’s worth it. It’s just like time at the gym. Those that are able to lift more and run faster than you make it look easy, but that’s because they’ve put hours of effort into it. So, work your ass off on when nobody’s looking, and let everyone think you’re naturally the best there’s ever been.


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‘Discipline’ may not be the right word for the message I’m wanting to convey this morning, maybe ‘dedication’ would be more appropriate. But, with ‘Discipline’ staring at me since it’s tattooed down my right arm, I’m going with it.

One of the pleasures I have is working with an incredible number of very motivated clients. Small business owners, owners of mid-size to large businesses, clients of all types and sizes. The one thing all the successful folks have in common is a very strong work ethic, and the discipline to do what needs to be done. They’re up late, they’re up early, they exercise to keep themselves sharp, they do not waiver in their commitment to win.

On the other side of this are the clients that simply don’t have the discipline to win. It’s hard to identify these clients before signing them, or they’d never make it through. These are the ones that respond to emails weekly, aren’t involved in every facet of the business, and are jealous of the success of others.

If you want to win, take a look at your schedule for the week. Are you dedicating enough time to the battles you plan to win? Maybe you’d rather party and have fun, that’s more than understandable. But, if that’s the case, don’t resent those that are up kicking ass while you sleep — you aren’t living in the same world they’re living in.