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Being liked is overrated

The most overrated thing in life is being liked. Worrying about likability is partially what has brought us this miserable state of political correctness that we suffer through each day in the United States.

If you’re going to break new ground and do great things, face it…you’re not going to be liked or understood by the majority.

I have clients that hate me, but they stay with me because I’m painfully honest about every aspect of their business that I’m engaged in. I don’t tell them a bad idea that they’ve invested in can be saved if it can’t.  I don’t lessen the blow with flowery words. I simply tell them they have an ugly baby and look for new ways to dress the baby or recommend they start over and try making a prettier baby.

Worry about making a difference in the world, but don’t worry so much about being liked. Let people like the results, that’s even better.

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Someone very important to me, quickly after meeting me, advised me to try meditating. Apparently I’m a bit wound up most of the time.

think deeply or focus one’s mind for a period of time, in silence or with the aid of chanting, for religious or spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation.

This comes to mind this morning as I ponder the final episode of Mad Men one last time.

Whatever your task, whatever your job, you can’t succeed without your version of meditating. You can’t stay on the front line all the time, battling everything that comes your way. Step away, jog, meditate, find your inner self. Marketing/PR/life in general, answers and peace only come when you aren’t looking for them. Look the other way, maybe they’ll find you…or at least you’ll be able to process the data that’s in front of you.