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Being liked is overrated

The most overrated thing in life is being liked. Worrying about likability is partially what has brought us this miserable state of political correctness that we suffer through each day in the United States.

If you’re going to break new ground and do great things, face it…you’re not going to be liked or understood by the majority.

I have clients that hate me, but they stay with me because I’m painfully honest about every aspect of their business that I’m engaged in. I don’t tell them a bad idea that they’ve invested in can be saved if it can’t.  I don’t lessen the blow with flowery words. I simply tell them they have an ugly baby and look for new ways to dress the baby or recommend they start over and try making a prettier baby.

Worry about making a difference in the world, but don’t worry so much about being liked. Let people like the results, that’s even better.

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Image is everything

Simple post, regarding something seen whilst jogging.

If your name has ‘lighting’ in it, you may want to keep your damn sign lit.

perception and reality

Reality is fluid, based on perception

Reality is fluid. The closest we will ever have to grasping it is our current impression of the facts, our perception, which we will readily accept as reality.

In most cases there is no reality that we can comprehend, there are simply millions of variations of how reality is perceived. True, there are ample examples where reality is black and white. Is 2+2=4? Yes, it is. But looking beyond numerics, things are never what they seem. If someone explains what they perceive as facts, they’re only explaining them in the best way they know how – they can’t convey the essence of all that is. If you assume that you have all the facts, you only have a snapshot in time that is the culmination of all things building up to how you will perceive them in that exact moment.

What the fuck is this doing on a mostly business-oriented blog that is mostly PR-related? Walking that line of perception and reality is my career, often for 16 hours each day. Framing realities that people will accept is my niche, what I’m quite good at.

I write this only as a way to commit myself to a draft of a much longer article, one that has been living in my mind for many years now. Reality is fluid, and that’s part of the magic that keeps our time on Earth livable. There’s nothing wrong with changing our perception of how we view fact, in fact, that’s what keeps us from simply giving up and letting go.